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Welcome to the Investing Algorithm Framework documentation! This framework is intended for those who know how to code and allows individuals to create trading bots using historical market data.

The framework allows you to leverage python to build complex bots to trade. The framework aims to implement advanced order types, position handling and performance attribution. Also, the framework aims to support multiple data sources, exchanges and brokers. Next to that backtesting and live trading is supported.


  • Backtesting - Backtest your trading strategies using historical market data.
  • Live trading - Trade live on exchanges using your trading strategies.
  • Advanced order types - Use advanced order types such as stop loss and take profit.
  • Position handling - Automatically handle your positions.
  • Performance attribution - Get insights into the performance of your trading strategies.
  • Market data sources - Use different market data sources such as tickers and ohlcv data.
  • Multiple data sources - Use multiple data sources in your trading strategies.
  • Multiple exchanges - Use multiple exchanges in your trading strategies.
  • Multiple brokers - Use multiple brokers in your trading strategies.
  • Multiple timeframes - Use multiple timeframes in your trading strategies.

Getting Started

The Investing Algorithm Framework is a Python framework for developing and backtesting investing algorithms. For advanced Python users, a lot of the information you find in our documentation is self-explanatory.

You might also want to check the quick start guide directly which outlines the fundamentals of creating a simple trading bot.

After that, you can read the basics to learn more about the framework.

What you'll need


You can install the framework using the following command:

pip install investing-algorithm-framework


If you want to contribute to the framework, please read the contributing guide.


If you find a bug or have a feature request, please create an issue on GitHub.

Helping with the project roadmap

If you want to contribute to the project roadmap, please take a look at the project board. You can pick up a task by assigning yourself to it.